Irazú Volcano


If you are looking for an exciting and fascinating sight to behold while visiting Costa Rica, look no further than Irazú Volcano.

This mountain is one of the most famous in Costa Rica, and is even one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.

The word “Irazú” is actually derivative of an Indigenous word which means “thunder and earthquake mountain.” This volcano is actve, although it has been many years since the last time it erupted. The most recent eruption was in 1994, but it could become active again at any time.

In 1963, Irazú Volcano ended a 20 year silent abruptly on the same day that United States President John F. Kennedy visited.

The volcano actually remained active for two more years after this date, spewing lava in a powerful display.

Additionally, the very first documented eruption was in 1723. It was documented by Diego de la Haya and one of the volcano’s craters is now named after him.

While the volcano may seem erratic or unpredictable, it is perfectly safe to visit. If it is ever in danger of erupting in a way that could pose a risk to visitors, the park would be evacuated well in advance.

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Elevation: 3,432 m (11,260 ft)Status: ActiveLast Eruption: 1994

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